Paradise Lost!

Kashmir is on the boil again. Chaos and mayhem are the order of the day. The valley is once again coming to a standstill with the youth on the streets, businesses shut and roads deserted. The civic unrest manifests in new forms every day and threatens to carry itself into perpetuation.

The rampant incidents of violence blow the lid off the government claims who say that normalcy has returned to the valley. The popular mood asserts itself unequivocally in the unbridled turbulence that has turned Kashmir into a state of trauma.

With the security personal blatantly evading law and order, the common man has nowhere to go. The government has continued to bury its head in sand, showing no signs of rising to the occasion and restoring law and order. The valley is once again witnessing unprecedented protests and clashes between people and the security forces. This vindicates the impotence of the government in winning the trust of the people. The government has failed on all accounts to ensure stability and security in the state.

The violence is attributed to the recent inadvertent killings of innocent youth by the security forces in Bandipora district of south Kashmir, which still remains the hotbed of extremism and rampant violations of law. Ironically, the State authorities are rubbing the salt on the wound when they should have been showing sympathy towards the common people in this time of grief and suffering. The government has reportedly ordered ruthless crushing of the agitation which was peacefully carried out by the people against the unwarranted killings.

Notwithstanding the recent feel-good measures introduced by the state government for the youth of the valley, the violence and protests are growing on an uncontrollable scale. Analysts argue that this should be the right moment to enforce a change of government in the state, given the scenario which has presented itself like a roaring storm. The creation of employment opportunities and enhancement of education policies could have helped in channelling the energies and talent of state’s youth towards a positive direction. On the contrary, the government chose to hit it the hard way, taking the bull by its horns, which has miserably backfired. The state machinery lies in tatters with corruption growing at an alarming rate. It will require the concerted efforts of the state authorities and the civil society to undo the damage caused over the years on account of faulty state policies and measures adopted by it.

The country looks in astonishment at the state of affairs Kashmir is going through. The paradise once again stands in the way of a ferocious storm threatening to uproot every tree coming its way. Never had the situation gone this worse in the history of the valley, the government has failed on all accounts. Now, unless the centre takes over the responsibility of ensuring a stable new government takes charge, good times cannot be expected to come our way. May the god bless this valley of the peers (saints).


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