Source: Roadjam!

Travelling through Delhi’s roads can be a grueling experience. A city where time holds importance it is agonizing to spend hours on a journey which is otherwise a half an hour drive from your home. The burgeoning population of cars in the Capital added to dearth of quality roads and infrastructure is adding to the mess witnessed every week day.

In metro cities like Delhi, the people ought to have road etiquette and a sense of discipline owing to a largely middle-class population which is educated and sophisticated. Notwithstanding, people have a big time jumping red lights, overtaking and over speeding displaying a total lack of road discipline which forms an important aspect of a civilized society. And yes they get away with it, with impunity, safe and sound! Adding to all this is the apathy of the Government which is doing little to increase the quality of road networks in the city and take steps to decongest the traffic. The growing volume of vehicles has not kept pace with growing population of humans. Majority of roads in Delhi are in urgent need of repair. Drainage system is the worst in the world. In rainy seasons, roads transform into rivers which increase jams tremendously. There are open manholes on some roads, unmanaged parking on road sides in almost all the areas of the city. Majority of roads are bumpy and dilapidated. Stray cattle roam around like they are in farms. There is no parking management system in place, traffic signals are rarely followed. Traffic constables are in a very less number to manage intersections.

All these problems add up to give a tough time to a daily commuter in the Capital city. There has been phenomenal development in Delhi, infrastructure has developed and people’s spending powers have grown tremendously. Inspite of all these developments the condition of roads remains the same — appalling! Its high time the government pays attention to the pathetic condition of roads in the city which are bedrocks of growth in a metro which values its industrial and corporate growth story, where its important for people to be in their offices on time and where time means money.


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